Reader Request: Container Store Picks and Faves

It’s no secret that The Container Store is one of my happy places, so when reader and fab blogger Inspirationele suggested that I do a post on my TCS faves, I was 100% on board. Thanks for the idea!

Bisley Storage Cabinets

My dream office would have oodles of these Bisley Storage Cabinets. Oodles.

Stockholm Collection Office Storage

Stockholm Desktop Collection

Stockholm Magazine Files

I’ve been collecting these Stockholm Magazine Files – and magazines! – for a while now. I like the old label holders better than the new, smaller ones, but for me, nothing beats the saturated color and quality for the price. Love these!

Chrome Cupboard Shelf

These shelves, also available in white, double my upper kitchen cabinet storage capacity. I think they would also work well in the pantry and in bathroom cabinets.

Cotton Gusseted Jacket Hanging Bag

Offseason, I keep my winter jackets and blazers in these cotton jacket bags. Four to five of my blazers fit in each one, but for long coats or menswear, I would go with the coat bag, which is about 20 inches longer.

Clear Storage Boxes

Okay. By far, my most favorite item from the Container Store is their clear shoe box. I buy them by the box load and use them everywhere. They are flat on top and the top doesn’t overhang the bottom by an enormous amount, which makes them both space-saving and easy to stack.

Shoe Storage

Shoe storage, of course 🙂

I use the Men’s Shoe Boxes for my clunky shoes and those with higher heels.

Gift Wrap Storage

Gift wrap organization

Pantry Organization

Pantry organization for tea, snacks, etc.

Drawer Organization for Workout Gear

Drawer organization for workout gear

I could go on… and on. I really do have these, or similar, boxes all over my house. The Container Store also carries bamboo trays, another of my faves 🙂


  1. thought my comment went through, but i guess not. Thanks for the shout out Erica! it’s amazing what a few boxes and labels can do for a space. Organization is def a start towards stress free living, and you definitely have a knack for finding functional and beautiful pieces 🙂

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Sometimes my comments don’t go through on blogs either; I guess I might be a robot, lol.

      You’re welcome! I agree: Organization is a baby step in the direction of being less stressed, for me at least. I feel like I’m perpetually rushing somewhere or other, so not being able to find something adds to the stress of being hurried in the first place.

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