How-To: Use Bamboo Trays as Drawer Organizers

How to Organize Toiletries

Bathroom (Toiletries) Drawer

Bamboo trays – cutlery/utensil holders, randomly sized modular squares and rectangles, etc. – make very easy work of organizing drawers all around the house. They’re functional, customizable, easily cleaned (in case you’re like me and always spilling something), and they allow everything in a drawer to be visible at a glance (in case you’re like me and always losing something).

Bamboo Trays = Perfect Drawer Organizers

Bamboo Cutlery Trays and Individual Drawer Organizers (available at Bed Bath & BeyondThe Container Store, and very often available at TJMaxx, HomeGoods, etc.)

How to Organize Nightstand Drawers

Nightstand Drawer

How to Organize a Sock Drawer

Sock Drawer

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