Organization: Scarves

Organization: Scarves

Scarves are almost always my accessory of choice, and I needed something fairly inexpensive to replace the chair and whip I used to tame my crammed-full scarf drawer 🙂

Organization: Scarves 2

Archival Ornament Storage Box: The Container Store

This 16-compartment archival ornament storage box* comes with a top (not pictured) and has larger, deeper sections than the one I use for belt storage, making this box especially good for scarf organization. Another, prettier option for smaller drawers and/or more delicate scarves is this 3-section silk drawer organizer.

*I sprayed the empty box with perfume before I added my scarves, just to get rid of the cardboard box-y smell.

Organization: Scarves 3

For those with more hanging room that drawer space, scarves could be folded and hung on either regular hangers (fewer wrinkles!) or specialty ones like these and these.

This is one of my One Hundred. Click here to see the rest!

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