I saw this flower on a trip to the Bahamas, and I had to take a picture of it. It was so vibrant and full-colored that it just looked like happy. It also seemed reminiscent of something to me…┬áthen I realized it was the exact shade of the nail polish I was wearing!

Essie "Geranium" Nail Polish

Essie “Geranium” Nail Polish (available at Target, Ulta, and Bed Bath and Beyond)

I like Essie polishes, partly because they’re a bit thinner than other brands, so if I mess up (like I always do) and have to apply multiple coats (like I always do), it doesn’t look like a jacked up glob on my nails. This deep orangey-red polish is one of my favorites. It’s bright and bold, but not garish or glow-in-the-dark. I usually wear it on my toes, so on a challenging day, all I have to do is look down to feel like I’ve got it together… at least from the ankles down. It’s happy-in-a-bottle*!

*The good kind of happy-in-a-bottle. Not the kind of happy-in-a-bottle where one wakes up 3 days later in a foreign emergency room. Just to be clear.

Updated: While I still like Essie polish shades, I’ve found that OPI lacquers last a bit longer on my nails.

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