Current Faves: Neutral Nails

Neutral Nail Color

While I love beautiful saturated nail color including true reds, sometimes there’s nothing better than a great, low-maintenance, goes-perfectly-with-everything neutral shade. My absolute faves right now are OPI San Tan-Tonio and Samoan Sand, two really clean, polished (no pun intended… well maybe a little pun intended), sophisticated neutral nail colors.

OPI San Tan-Tonio and Samoan Sand

Also, did you know that there is a difference between nail lacquer (ex. OPI) and nail polish (ex. Essie)? I sure didn’t. An expert with InStyle Beauty magazine explains, “polish contains more solvents, so it dries quickly, while lacquers (also called enamels) have more pigments for smoother, albeit slower, coverage.” Interesting.

Nail polish, both boldly colored and understated neutrals, is one of my One Hundred. Click here to see the rest!


  1. I have the Samoan Sand. One of my favs too!

  2. I love neutrals! They go with everything and chipping is less noticeable too!!

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Yes! I need to step up my manicure game because my nails go chip crazy in no time. The fact that neutrals minimize the look of chip city nails is a definite plus 🙂

  3. I typically stick with neutrals as well, but usually I go with light pinks. Have you ever heard of this Orly polish that’s supposed to prevent chipping? I’ve read about it in magazines, but never tried it.

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      I haven’t heard of that polish, but I need to look into it. Actually, I think my biggest problem is that I’m a lazy manicurist: I paint my nails, add Seche Vite on top, and don’t look at them again until it’s time to remove the polish. I know I should add a clear coat every day… Thanks for reading!

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