Casual Layers (Part Deux)

Argyle + Stripes + Denim

Argyle + Stripes + Denim 2

Autumn is considering taking up residence in the A, so mornings/evenings are a bit chilly (at least to me, an admittedly cold-natured person). This is one of those very casual, layered outfits that easily adapts to schizophrenic weather. When it warms up, I can swap the boots for Tretorns or flats; lose the jacket (and the vest, if necessary); roll up the sleeves of the button-down; give the shirt a quick half-tuck in the front; and done!

Argyle + Stripes + Denim 3

  • Baseball Cap: “borrowed” from the hub
  • Denim Jacket: Gap
  • Sweater Vest: J Crew Men’s
  • Sweatpant leggings, Striped Shirt (layered differently here): J Crew
  • Slouchy Boots: Steve Madden (also worn in this post)
  • Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Argyle + Stripes + Denim 4

I’m debating whether or not to put away my summer things, and get my fall stuff out of storage… Have you switched out your closets yet? Too soon?

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  1. I just saw my sweat pants in my closet the other day. I have so many plans for them for the Fall! I cannot wait to wear them. I am not convinced that I can dress them up yet, but I am definitely looking forward to having fun with them.

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Oh yes, ma’am: you can definitely dress them up if you like. If your sweats are fitted, style them as if they were skinny jeans. For example, add a blouse, blazer, and pretty flats for just a little sweatpant elevation; for a bit more, pair them with a tuxedo blazer, sparkly tank, and killer heels.

  2. I don’t put away clothes. I wear fall stuff in the summer, summer stuff in the fall, winter stuff in the spring.
    That could explain why my closets and dresser drawers need reorganizing. 🙂

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      I love the idea of seasonless dressing as well. You have serious closet space to leave everything out all the time. That’s the stuff of dreams 🙂

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