Casual Layers

Casual Layers: The Fall/Winter Uniform

It’s been chilly and raining like crazy the last few weeks, so comfy, casual layers have become my go-to fall/winter “uniform.”

Casual Layers: The Fall/Winter Uniform 2

  • Denim Jacket: Gap (BTW: I wanted to wear this jacket yesterday, and I cannot find this thing. I wonder where it is…)
  • Sweater: Banana Republic
  • Scarf, Shirt, and Sweats: J Crew
  • Boots: Ecco
  • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Casual Layers: The Fall/Winter Uniform 3

  • Crop Trench: J Crew factory (styled differently in this post)
  • Sweater: J Crew (also here and here)
  • Shirt: Ralph Lauren
  • Basic Leggings: Old Navy
  • Socks: Gap
  • Slouchy Boots: Steve Madden
  • Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Casual Layers: The Fall/Winter Uniform 4

I couldn’t find my fave dark, inky nail polish – OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark” – so I went with Essie “Wicked,” which is similar but not as purple-y and complex. I’m telling you, things are going missing around here.

Casual Layers: The Fall/Winter Uniform 5


  1. I love both of those looks. My first thought was that they are both really good for traveling. What do you usually wear when you travel?

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Don’t laugh, but I read in a travel magazine that airlines are more likely to upgrade you if you look like you “belong” in the upgraded section. While this has never actually happened to me and is probably a hoax :-), I still like to look fairly decent when I travel. I usually go for dark jeans with some stretch (comfy and fewer wrinkles), a blazer, a scarf, and cute shoes I can run in. Sometimes that last part is optional, though, because I love that moment when the valet opens the car door at the hotel, and I step out in a great pair of heels. It’s like, “I am about the business of getting down to vacay!” That’s just me.

  2. Both outfits are cute but that second one, and the way that it’s layered? Has do me baby, all over it! LOL, don’t be alarmed when I steal this look!

  3. Nailed it again!! I love the chunky sweater with the trench, and the exposed grey sock to match. Work it!

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