Reader Request: What to Wear with a Bow Tie

Reader Request: I’m really digging female bow ties. What are some feminine, but still casual ways to rock them?

How to Rock a Bow Tie

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Thank you SO much for your question!

IMHO, a lot of the most interesting and well put together looks – both in fashion and in interior design – boil down to a simple pairing of contrasts: relaxed with fitted; short with long; rugged with refined; modern with retro; etc. In the case of putting your spin on the traditional bow tie, the juxtapositions could be masculine with feminine and formal with informal.

What To Wear with a Bow Tie (Casual)


One of the easiest ways to balance the inherent formality of a bow tie is to wear it with jeans (the button-down shirt is a given :-)). For example:

  • Pair very fitted skinny jeans with a slightly oversized v-neck sweater or long cardigan. 
  • Wear slouchy boyfriend jeans with tailored blazer and killer heels or printed flats.
  • Add classic boot fit jeans to a merino or cashmere zip front hoodie or puffer vest.
  • Mix and match! Skinnies with puffer; boyfriend jeans with cardi; boot cuts with blazer… They all work together.
What to Wear with a Bow Tie (Dressy)
For some dressier options for rocking a bow tie, you could:
  • Wear a pencil skirt or trousers with a fitted denim jacket.
  • Pair a full/A-line skirt or printed crop pants with a classic trench coat or tuxedo jacket.
  • Again, mix and match! Full skirt with denim jacket; pencil skirt with tuxedo jacket; trousers with trench…

I kept the color palette pretty neutral in these illustrations, but you really could go all out with whichever hues and patterns you like. I think a bow tie would look really cute with, say, a plaid or gingham shirt as opposed to a plain white one.

I hope this helps, and again, thank you for the question!



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  1. YOu’Re FrEaKiNg DoPe!!! This is so helpful!! I can’t wait to rock a few bow tie looks for a night out on the town….or a casual Friday at the office. A million thanks E:-)

  2. I never thought about a bow tie being a good luck for a lady but this is pretty cool looking

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Oh yes, definitely: Most traditionally menswear looks work well for women, especially when paired with something feminine for balance. I would wear your clothes all the time, Babe, if we were even just a tiny bit closer in size. Thanks for the comment!

  3. L-O-V-E IT!! I plan to add a bow tie to my shopping list. Now, I have some more ideas of how to wear it. Thanks!

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