About Me

Joy and Sunshine: About Me


I’m Erica, a biomedical scientist and public health educator/program evaluator by training, and the blogger behind Joy and Sunshine. Like many people, I wear a lot of hats on a daily basis and have gone through a bit of trial and error to find out what works well for me. This blog is essentially an ongoing description of those things – sprinkled with some personal style (to justify using shopping as my preferred form of exercise) – all in an effort to save you some time and provide a little creative inspiration and humor during your busy day.

Story behind the Name of the Blog

When my now-husband and I were dating, he made some flippant statement (can’t remember exactly what it was), and I told him, “Please. You know I am the Joy and the Sunshine of your life!” He said, “You are!” We both cracked up, and it’s been a running joke – and sometimes my nickname – since.

Personal Style and Fashion Philosophy

My personal style tends towards things classic and a bit preppy. I like the way quality, classic pieces mix well with newer things season after season. I never get rid of quality, well-fitting items I love: they might go into storage, but they always come back 🙂

Joy and Sunshine: About Me (pic 2)

Now, just for fun, let’s play TWENTY QUESTIONS

  1. Blogging from? ATLANTA, GA
  2. Photographer? Most outfit pics: MY EVER-LOVING HUBBY 🙂 / Some outfit pics & Everything else: YOURS TRULY
  3. Type of camera? NIKON D3100 & sometimes my iPhone
  4. Local restaurant? CANOE (Don’t get me started on their popcorn ice cream…YUM!)
  5. Book? Tie between MEMORY OF LOVE by Aminatta Forna & CUTTING FOR STONE by Abraham Verghese, but if I had to pick just one, it’d be the first by a hair
  6. Fashion mags? INSTYLE & HARPER’S BAZAAR
  7. Home mag? LIVINGEtc.
  8. Style description? CLASSIC and PREPPY, I guess, with a bit of TOMBOY thrown in… which is interesting because I’m so not a tomboy
  9. Sunglasses? All RAY-BAN all the time: classic AVIATORS and WAYFARERS
  10. Dream piece of furniture? a set of WEGNER WISHBONE CHAIRS, or if I’m really dreaming, a WOMB CHAIR in chocolate leather
  11. Dessert? LEMON MACARONS from Alon’s
  12. Morning must-haves? Some type of GREEN SMOOTHIE & orange sencha GREEN TEA made in my BODUM COFFEE PRESS
  13. Color? NAVY
  14. TV shows? SCANDAL! (Do you even have to ask?) & LIVING ABROAD (HGTV)
  15. Guilty pleasures? Haagen-Dazs ROCKY ROAD & REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD (What? It’s funny!)
  16. Mall store? J CREW & MADEWELL, without a doubt
  17. Non-designer shoe brands? COLE HAAN & FRYE
  18. Won’t find me…? Running a MARATHON, watching SCARY MOVIES (not ashamed to admit that I’m a grade A class 1 scaredy cat where that’s concerned), volunteering to fill out a whole bunch of PAPERWORK
  19. Won’t find me wearing…? They say never say “never,” but I’m going to go with HAIR ROLLERS IN PUBLIC & TIGHTS AS PANTS on this one… Public Service Announcement: Tights and leggings are two totally different things! As the former will have all your business out on the street, they are not pants. Just had to get that off my chest. On to #20.
  20. Undergraduate/graduate studies? BIOLOGY (minor in Psychology), BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES, and PUBLIC HEALTH (Behavioral Science, Health Education), in that order