Quick Tip: Portion Control

Quick Tip: Portion Control

Public Service Announcement: THIS is a serving of ice cream.

Quick Tip: Portion Control 2

Left: Mini Latte Bowls; Right: Latte Bowls

Doesn’t look so bad…until the bowl holding the suggested 1/2 cup serving size is compared to a regular size bowl.

Contrary to what I want to believe, all those cute little neatly-packaged small containers of ice cream are not single serve. I know, right! Why make them so small and convenient? Man, I tuck my laptop under one arm, grab some rocky road and a fashion magazine, spread everything out on the bed, turn the tv on, and I’m ready for serious chill mode. Mmmm. Just realized that even my relaxation involves multitasking. I need to work on that…

Each roughly quart size carton actually contains 3-4 servings! I’m sure you already knew this and are like, “Seriously, E? This is not breaking news,” but it still shocks me every time I think about it. Since portion control is largely visual – similar to how eating from a smaller plate helps a person eat less, but still feel satisfied – I’m hoping that using these teeny tiny smaller bowls will make it easier not to overindulge. That is, if I can stop eating directly from the carton, of course.

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