2 Ways to Wear Cutoffs and a Sweatshirt

Cutoff shorts + Sweatshirt + Jacket + Boots

It’s that time of year in Atlanta where it’s chilly earlier in the day and gets progressively warmer as the day goes on. Some days there are 20+ degree differences in the weather between 8am and 4pm!

Striped Sweatshirt + Utility Jacket

A few Saturdays ago, I had plans to attend an outdoor game in the AM, and then do some shopping/hanging out that afternoon. I was running from one thing to the other, so a complete outfit change wasn’t an option. Even it was an option, I didn’t feel like all that… hence this make-it-work-without-freezing-or-melting moment 🙂

Cutoff shorts + Sweatshirt + Jacket + Boots 2

  • Hat: Target (see more here and here)
  • Jacket: Zara boys’ (also worn here)
  • Striped Sweatshirt: J Crew (print mixed with plaid in this post)
  • Denim Cutoffs: Thrifted (dressed up a hair in this post and way down in this one)
  • Socks: Gap (styled with loafers and a mini here)
  • Slouchy Boots: Steve Madden
  • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Cutoff Shorts + Sweatshirt + Anchor Belt

I pushed up the sleeves of the sweatshirt; dropped off the hat, jacket, and heavy socks; and swapped the boots for Tretorns.

  • Heart Necklace and Anchor Belt (get more anchor love here): Madewell

Striped Sweatshirt + Anchor Belt

Navy and Green Tretorn Nylite Sneakers

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  1. That first picture of you should be some kind of cover photo, great photography! and I’m digging the look with the sneakers. I’ve never heard of that brand before. I like the coral ones for summer to wear with white and tan. Are they really that comfortable?

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Wow, thanks for the compliment!

      Tretorn is a really old brand that made shoes for tennis players back in the day (http://us.tretorn.com/statics/a/4/). They’re not as rock n roll, cool-girl as Converse, lol, but for me, they’re much more comfortable: more cushion all around and less stiff. The coral ones caught my eye, too!

  2. These looks are so cute! This weather is so crazy, it is hard to figure out what to wear without being dressed more appropriately for one temperature than another. Fun times picking outfits!

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