Classic Kicks

Classic Kicks: Converse All-Stars

I can’t remember when I started wearing Converse All-Stars – college maybe? post-grad school? – but I do know that these are the first shoes I’ve actually worn completely out. Multiple times. They work with just about any outfit, and add a casual, too-cool-for-school vibe to even the most buttoned up looks.

The gray, black, and navy pairs in my closet are all jacked to the point that they’re not allowed outside my backyard, so I picked up these white ones to wear on a family trip to Disney. And thaaaaat’s when I learned that while All-Stars are the coolest, they are not necessarily the most comfy for amusement park level mileage.

Classic Kicks: Tretorn Nylite

These Tretorn Nylites are super-comfortable and SO preppy! Love them 🙂

Classic Kicks: Tretorn Nylite 2

These classic kicks are two of my of my One Hundred. Click here to see the rest!


  1. ALL STARS!!!!
    You already know my love affair with All Stars (and sequins) because they really do go with everything.

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