L.L. Bean “Bean” Boots

LLBean Bean Boots

Crafted by hand in Maine and available in a variety of color combinations, heights, and styles, L.L. Bean “Bean” boots are a classic staple shoe that suits both girls who favor a preppy aesthetic and girls who just like their feet to be toasty, dry, and comfy. I fall into both categories 🙂

LLBean Bean Boots 2

Watch this quick 2-minute video to see how Bean Boots are made by real, non-robot people 🙂

LLBean Bean Boots 3

These boots are made to be worn with very thick socks and run large, so it’s recommended to order a whole size smaller than normal.

LLBean Bean Boots 4

8″ Bean Boots in Tan/Navy

LLBean Bean Boots 5

The tongues of the shoes are stitched into the sides to ensure dryness and warmth.

LLBean Bean Boots 6

Love the chain-tread detail on the bottom!

Bean Boots + Puffer Vest

Outfit details in this post

Bean Boots are one of my One Hundred. Click here to see the rest!


  1. Where did you find the blue Bean Boots. I cannot find them on the site.

  2. Maybe I have a thing for the vests but this one is super cool too, and even more so with the boots

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