Three Things: Quotes and Sayings

Dreams Can Come True

My family and I went to the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World last month, and I can totally see why so many people are Disney fanatics: It really is a happy, magical place πŸ™‚

Will You?

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This is one of my favorite quotes and one of my favorite motivational pictures. Two quick – but related (I promise!) – side stories:

Side Story 1: I’m blessed to have a great group of friends from grad school, and I’m often reminded of how much each one of them has taught me just being themselves over the years. Once, when I was going on and on about how much stuff I had on my plate and how overwhelmed I was, one of my friends said, “Just do it, E.” I distinctly remember thinking, “Wow. Harsh.” But you know what I realized? Β She’s right: The only thing that gets things done is getting things done. Even now, when I feel like my to-do list is looo-ong, I tell myself, “Just do it, E” and get to work.

Side Story 2: Allyson Felix is the first – maybe only? – professional athlete I’ve seen who has a body type similar to mine,* eensy weensy ankles and all. She seems like a genuinely nice person in interviews as well. Also, just look at how high her leg gets up when she’s running! The hub is trying to teach me how to sprint properly, and that right there is one of the toughest parts for me.

*You know, if I was a really fit and fast and an Olympian and… πŸ™‚

Do More of What Makes You Happy!

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  1. Im all about that last quote!

  2. I am definitely “Doing more of what makes me happy!”

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