Three Things: Tea (or Coffee) Mugs

Angelina Paris Cup & Saucer

Cup and Saucer from La Maison Angelina

This is my all-time favorite tea cup and saucer, both because of it’s elegant simplicity and the wonderful memories of a family trip to the City of Light years ago.

New York Mug

Another souvenir! I admit that I dragged the hub to a zillion Starbucks in NYC to find this particular mug 🙂

Monogram Mugs

Anthropologie Monogram Mugs

I adore things that are monogrammed or personalized in some way, so I don’t even pretend to resist the initial mugs at Anthropologie. The one on the right is a limited edition gold one that lives on my tea supply tray and was available near the holidays last year. They sold out very quickly: Special thanks to my friend AE, who gave me a heads up before they even hit store shelves 🙂

What’s the story behind your favorite tea or coffee cup? Do share!

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