Three Things: Dark Chocolate Bars

Theo Organic Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar

I am a big fan of soy-free dark chocolate bars. Just in case you are as well, here are three to try 🙂

Theo Organic Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar 2

Theo Organic Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar (available at Whole Foods)

Patric Chocolate: Mocha OMG Bar

Patric Mocha OMG Dark Chocolate Bar  (details in this post)

Mast Brothers Dark Chocolate

Mast Brothers Dark Chocolate Bars

I’ve been intrigued by these bars for quite a while, and recently, I splurged on a few to try.

Side note: How cool are their graphic designs?! I almost bought the almond variety just because it had anchors on the packaging. However, I had to draw the line somewhere, and the descriptions of the bars above were irresistible.

Mast Brothers Dark Chocolate 2

These high quality, complex but subtly flavored chocolates were a little too bitter for me to eat plain, but they made the most amazing chocolate pots de creme!

Update: Hub surprised me with a “Belize” Mast Brothers bar recently, and it was really, really great. The aroma and taste were intense, delicious, and not bitter at all. Maybe it’s because “Belize” is 70% cacao, while the others are 72-73%? Whatever the case, I loved it!

Also, if you aren’t allergic to or opposed to having some soy in your bars, Green & Black’s Organic Hazelnut and Currant Dark Chocolate Bars, also available at Whole Foods, are definitely little luxury-worthy.

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