Cagle’s Corn Maze

Fall Fun: Corn Maze at Cagle's Family Farm

One of my favorite autumn friends/family things to do is the corn maze at Cagle’s Family Farm.  Years ago, when I first mentioned the idea to my hubby, he had, “WHY?” written all over his face. I said, “It might be fun!” Turns out it’s SO much fun: great exercise (even moreso for for the directionally-challenged, lol) and definitely brings out a spirit of competition. For the brave, the maze stays open until 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

Safety side note: Members of Cagle’s staff roam through the maze as well, so there’s no worry of getting lost in the corn forever.

Entrance to Corn Maze

Entrance to the Corn Maze

The easier Phase 1 of the maze provides a nice (false) sense of one’s superior navigation and directional capabilities. Phase 2 sets the record straight 🙂

Tall Corn Maze Corn

The cornstalks are tall…

Thick Corn Maze Corn

… and planted thick enough to make seeing through them a challenge.

Corn Maze Check Points

Check Point

Numbered sign posts let you know you’re going in the right direction, and give you clues as to which way to turn next. There are many, many forks in the road corn with no sign posts, so a lot of fun winging-it-and-hoping-for-the-best is involved.

Vibrant Green Groundcover

Vibrant Green Ground Cover 

Fall Fun: Corn Maze at Cagle's Family Farm 2

View From the Platform

Somewhere deep in Phase 2 is a tall platform that made me think, “Hey, if I climb that, I can see the way out!” Yeah…no. The view was worth it, though, especially since it was just before sunset, and everything had a beautiful golden glow.

Fall Fun: Corn Maze at Cagle's Family Farm 3

Another View from the Platform

See? Beautiful vista, but no help at all when it comes to finding the exit.


It’s a Fall Fun post, so I have to include a picture of pumpkins… 


… and itty bitty pumpkins!


  1. I was at Cagles farm with my daughter for a field trip a couple years ago.
    I need to do it again!,,,

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      I was surprised by how much there is to do there. It really is a fun outing for families, friends, couples… Thanks for reading and commenting, Ina!

  2. Gotta say this IS a lot if fun! Highly recommended

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