Atlanta Rocks! Indoor Climbing Gym

Atlanta Rocks! Indoor Climbing Gym

I’ve been going to Atlanta Rocks! Indoor Climbing Gym for years now, and while I still haven’t taken the Novice Climb class to be able to belay and climb more routes, I love dropping in for Quick Climbs on the auto-belays.

Here’s how the process goes:

  1. Read/sign the waiver. 
  2. A friendly staff member snugly secures you into a surprisingly one-size-fits-all harness (those bad boys are a marvel!) Did I mention the fit is snug? No one wants to be flopping around that high off the ground.
  3. Choose one of the auto-belay routes, get clipped in, and go!

I really appreciate that the auto-belays at Atlanta Rocks! have very little “fall” to them when you release the wall and descend to the floor. The ones at another climbing gym I visited felt like I dropped halfway to the ground before the system kicked in.

Atlanta Rocks! Indoor Climbing Gym 2

Harness and Hook/Clip for Quick Climbs

Atlanta Rocks! Indoor Climbing Gym 3

No worries! A thick layer of protective cushioning material covers the floors 🙂

Atlanta Rocks! Indoor Climbing Gym 4

QUICK TIP: Wear comfortable, fitted clothing to climb. I also suggest not wearing your very shortest shorts. I know that statement is a bit out of character for me, a woman who looooves her short shorts, but trust me and/or peep the quick story below.

QUICK STORY: This is actually my second time taking climbing pics for this post. I wore cheerleading shorts* on the first go-round, and my photographer/hubby neglected to tell me that as a result of the height of my climb and the intimate fit of the safety harness, all of London and France were on display. It wasn’t until much later when I was editing the pics that I was like, “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!” You already know: He shrugged his shoulders and innocently asked, “What?”

*While I do think cheer shorts are good, inexpensive, comfy workout wear, please note that I opted to wear capris for this particular fitness excursion.

Atlanta Rocks! Indoor Climbing Gym 5

Atlanta Rocks! offers numerous programs (like Ladies Night and Family Climbs) and climbing classes. It’s also a cool, unique spot for fun-fitness parties and get-togethers for the young and not-so-young 🙂

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