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Some friends and I were chatting about how the key to fitness is proper motivation, meaning each person has to find their own personal thing that inspires them not only to want to workout, but pushes them to actually DO it. Well, let me tell ya: Proper motivation tapped me on the shoulder and got all up in my face last month.

Hub has been teaching me how to sprint, and I thought it would be cool helpful to take some action shots 1) to help me improve my form,* and 2) ironically, to post in this “Workout Wear” article. Long story short: editing those photos was exactly what I needed (i.e. “Is that what I look like in motion?!?!”) to activate me to workout more than intermittently. Superficial? Maybe. Effective? DEFINITELY!

*See the 2nd pic in this post for proper form, which I do not have… yet 🙂

Here are some of my workout wear faves:

Running Capris

Nike Running Capris

A good friend clued me in to the fact that the ones that say “running” on the inside drawstrings keep the dreaded wet butt/sweaty bottom away. Truth.

Workout Tops with Built-In Support

Tops with Built-In Support

I usually grab these when they’re on sale at Sports Authority or Dick’s Sporting Goods. About $25 is my upper limit, lol, so I’m not too choosy when it comes to colors.

In colder weather, I swap the capris and tanks for Hyperwarm leggings and tops.

Tank Top + Loose Running Shorts

Loose Tank and Shorts: great for times when I want a less fitted option

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

My Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle!

This baby is almost always by my side! I love the fact that it’s made of glass, so there’s absolutely no flavor transfer or metallic taste. Plus, I can toss it in the dishwasher – sleeve and all – and not worry about heat-induced chemicals.

Nike Vomero Sneakers

Hot Pink Kicks

I need happy-looking sneakers, and these bright pink ones are the perfect pick-me-up when I feel like quitting mid-workout. For me, they’re great for everything fitness-y thing except sprinting, so I need to find a better shoe for that purpose. Any ideas?



Featherlight Visor

I like to wear a hat during outdoor workouts, but my baseball cap was creating a steam festival on my head.

Visor 2

iPhone SlimClip Case

iPhone SlimClip Case by The Wonderful Things Factory

Disclaimer (Can you believe it?! I actually have something to disclaim!): This awesome case was created by my dreamy, multi-talented hubby! When he first told me about his idea for a phone case with a non-bulky clip, I was like, “Quick! I need something like that!” In true J&S form, however, I ONLY post about the things I love, and I really do love this. (Thank goodness, because lying is not my strong suit, and I have zero poker face capabilities :-))

A few things I really dig about the SlimClip Case:

  • I can clip my phone on my workout gear rather than holding it, not-so-securely tucking it into my waistband, or putting it somewhere during (rare) fitness classes and hoping it’s still there when the class is over.
  • I can quickly and easily check my messages without having to unclip or move my phone.
  • I can clip my phone to the pocket inside my black hole of a purse or tote.

One other potentially superficial thing:

  • Because the case isn’t thick, bulky, and steroid-like, it doesn’t weigh down my workout bottoms, making them look all droopy and scandalous.

SlimClip Case for iPhone

I clip my phone to the front of my shorts/capris when I’m walking, doing toning work, and generally doing any type of exercise other than running…

iPhone SlimClip Case for Running

… and to the back when I’m sprinting.

Excuse my lack of a backside; it must be doing the very best it can because it stays the same no matter how many single-leg squats I do. Let me go do some more, though, just in case today is the booty fairy’s on day…


Have you found your “proper motivation” to workout? What are some of your fitness wear/gear must-haves, and how in the world do you stay motivated to workout?


  1. Motivation: I have my measurements in my phone. Since my phone is my 3rd hand, I see those measurements often. Pretty good motivation for me.

    Fitness gear must haves: A supportive sports bra. It irks me to see women running or at the gym and about to put an eye out. The girls must be protected and supported and they make sports bras in all sizes. Just have to find the right brand. ”
    The right shoes. Wrong shoes-greater the chance of injury.
    Compression sleeves: I can go for a long run or a long bike ride, throw on my compression sleeves, and my legs aren’t all jelly like and sore and crampy when I’m done. Winning!

    How do I stay motivated?… Well my road bike was EXPENSIVE. Maybe not that expensive but it was above my upper limit for what I think someone should spend on a bicycle. So…..I ride my bike to get my money’s worth. I go to the gym to get my money’s worth from the membership. LOL…I’m motivated by my measurements and money. LOL

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