Three Things: Blogging Edition

Enjoy the Little Things

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Hi, Everyone (who’s still there :-))! I’m back from another blog vacay, this one somewhat unintended.*

Like I mention in my “About Me” description, I started this blog as a visual means of sharing some of the little things I love (shopping, styling, cooking, reading, eating, traveling… not necessarily in that order, of course) and that add a bit of joy and sunshine to my day and to my life in general. Thank you all SO much for reading, commenting, sharing, and otherwise joining me in celebrating the wonderful little things in life 🙂


I try to keep J&S a happy, pretty, positive space, so although it’s definitely true that I don’t go gaga over every single place I visit or food I taste, my way of working is to mention the squeal-and-happy-dance-inducing little things and keep it moving.


I came across this interesting Blogger Confession post, and, once I finished my impromptu rendition of Usher’s “Confessions” (took a little minute ‘cuz I had to, I started thinking about some of my own. We’re fam, so here goes:

  • I’m pretty sure I set an unrealistic posting schedule for myself. Five times/week? Like, who does that? (One of my friends actually told me that she has to catch up on my blog from time to time because I post way more often than any of the other bloggers she follows.) It’s important to me to put out quality posts about things I really like rather than scrounging up filler content, so I plan to decrease from five to three posts/week.
  • While I love LOVE putting together looks, I don’t really like taking outfit pictures. My modeling skills are nonexistent; I always feel like my backgrounds need to be cooler and more interesting; and I’m pretty uncomfortable posing in public. Another thing: a lot of outfits just don’t photograph well, no matter how good – in my biased opinion 🙂 – they look IRL.


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  • Sometimes I get so focused on capturing a moment that I forget to enjoy the moment.* And that was the impetus for the “somewhat unintended” hiatus. (Sorry about that!) I needed to get back to experiencing and enjoying things without getting all up in arms if I didn’t get a good picture of something or other, or feeling like I wasted an outfit because it wasn’t photographed.

Good Thoughts

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  • On a more positive note, I’m learning that I absolutely love photography! It’s such a personal, creative art form: setting backgrounds; choosing colors and textures; experimenting with depth and details… I’m two steps below novice, lol, but I’m enjoying the process.

Well, there it is. All out there.

Now it’s YOUR turn (seriously, don’t leave me hanging :-)): What are some of your confessions (blog-related or otherwise)? 


  1. Confession #1: I love photography too! But I don’t necessarily like paid gigs. The pressure of making sure the shots are perfect takes away from the fun of it sometimes. Plus people seem to expect grandiose things but want to pay next to nothing. That’s no bueno. I was feeling guilty for turning down gigs. But in the end I have to do what makes me feel good.

    Confession #2: Physical fitness is important to me. And I used to love running. But the Chicago Marathon last year really did suck the running life out of me and I haven’t felt the same way about the sport ever since. I thought I would get the excitement back by signing up for another marathon…That was dumb. LOL. So guess what I’m not doing…I’M NOT RUNNING NO MARATHONS NO TIME SOON! I’ll run a few half marathons and maybe some 10k’s. But cycling is fun…and easier on the joings…and did I mention fun. Plus there are a lot of nice looking cyclists on the trail that are always so helpful and friendly…Much friendlier than runners.

    Confession #3: I’ve been looking at wedding rings. Random I know…But I have. I still don’t want a wedding though. But I like looking at the jewelry.

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Thanks for sharing!

      I agree that pressure to do things “perfectly” is a fun drain sometimes. I like to paint, and I purposely avoid classes, tutorials, etc bc I love the freedom of just painting without any worries of doing it “right.”

      I’m so sorry your bad experience in Chicago stole your love of running, but it sounds like you’ve found an even better fit with cycling. Isn’t it funny how things work out? 🙂

      You get a partial pass because what girl doesn’t love looking at diamonds? But if you start wedding gown shopping, then I’m going to have to whip out the champagne!


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