Little Luxuries: Mason Pearson Combs

 To me, Little Luxuries are those small things that don’t cost a fortune – or anything! – but that never fail to bring a bit more shiny, happy Joy and Sunshine to my day 🙂

Mason Pearson Combs

After a jacked up an unfortunate, surprise! layered (jacked up) haircut last year, I’ve been committed to learning more about what my hair likes/dislikes and actively incorporating more healthy hair practices into my hair care routine. I am so NOT gifted in the area of styling (as evidenced by the lack of a real hairstyle in just about every style post), but I’m definitely doing a better job keeping my hair on my head* (i.e. maintaining healthy, growing hair).

In addition to drastically decreasing direct heat usage, deep conditioning regularly, and a few other things, I invested in these Mason Pearson seamless combs. I love how they glide through my hair without snagging, and I think they’re just beautiful! Definitely Little Luxury-worthy 🙂

* In college, I used to go to a stylist named Thomas who would say, “I don’t do a whole lot of styling, but I keep your hair on your head.” His focus was always on easy, healthy hair, which I LOVE!

Mason Pearson Combs 2

From top to bottom: Tail Comb, Detangling Comb, Rake Comb

FYI: The rake comb is not as heavy-duty as some other wide tooth combs I’ve used, so it might not be the best option for pulling through a lot of really thick hair, unless it’s combed in sections, IMHO. Also, be sure to purchase from a reputable seller because there are tons of Mason Pearson fakes out there.

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  1. …and so it continues Mrs. J&S! I will have to purchase one as you have pressured me to (not really…I have to blame my splurges on someone:)).

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