Links and Pretty, Happy Things (8/7)

Cole Haan Loafers

Do you ever have things you love or love to do that you just let languish for some reason(s) or other(s)? Well, these loafers and this blog for the past couple of weeks- sorry about that – are two prime examples. I adore the fact that these pennies are the perfect combination of comfort, neutral-leathery-go-with-anything-ness, tomboy, and classic prep. Still, I haven’t worn them in months on end! Time to dust them off, and take them out! 

  • How to use a walnut – yes, a WALNUT – to cover dings on wood furniture. I’ve tried this, and it really does darken scratches.
  • As I’m placing my full-size pepper mill and large box of sea salt out on the table at every cookout and get-together, I think to myself, “I really need to get salt and pepper shakers.” Do I, though? Nope. These cuties might be the proper encouragement I need to actually buy some.
  • Interesting interview with designer Cedella Marley: full of health and beauty tips

Polka Dot Blazer

This navy and white polka dot blazer, which I’ve worn out exactly once, makes me smile just thinking about it. Note to self: Wear THIS!

  • My two favorite yoga poses: this trunk twist and the camel pose. Please pay special attention to the directions for getting out of the camel pose. I almost broke my everything trying to get up from it, rather than sitting down. 
  • I love the details of this nautical-inspired wedding.

Striped Bow Espadrilles

Bows, stripes, navy-and-white…three things I really dig, but these espadrille wedges have only seen the pavement two, maybe three times max. 

  • Why salon products are only guaranteed when purchased from an authorized salon
  • This Happy Note Notepad comes in bright pink in-store and makes spreading sunshine all over the place a little easier. A DIY project, maybe?
  • June Ambrose has such gorgeous skin! Here’s a review of the sour cream facial mask she suggested.
  • Quick tips for file organization
  • Possibly the cutest gingham belt in the whole wide world, and it’s on sale for half price!



  1. Hi! Thanks for linking to my blog! Your site is too cute and yes girl… I love me some sour cream facial!! Have you tried it? It leaves my skin glowing!! And I love me some JUNE!!
    You have a new fan!

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      You’re welcome, Bernetta! Thank YOU for checking out J&S! I haven’t tried a sour cream mask yet, but it’s on my to-do list for this week. I’m trying to get in the habit of gently exfoliating 2x/week, and I’d love to alternate sour cream and my Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel. Wouldn’t it be great if June would write a new beauty/style coffee table book?

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