Reader Request: How to Style a Sequin Skirt

Reader Request: I am thinking about getting a sequined skirt. How do you think it can be styled for warmer weather?

What to Wear with a Skirt

Image from J Crew (all other images in this post from Pinterest)

Thank you SO much for your question!

When it comes to introducing wow pieces into my wardrobe, I try to think of them as the “jeans” of my outfit and build from there. This not only takes the potential intimidation factor of the wildcard item down to zilch, but it also allows me to be more openminded regarding pairing options and workable combinations. For example, I wear jeans with everything from tees and sweatshirts to blazers and tuxedo jackets. IMHO, a sequined skirt would pair well with each of those items, too. Glam it up, dress it down, mix and match…

Sequined skirts look great with a button-down shirt that’s tied at the waist (above) or tucked in, sleeves pushed up (below).

Sequin/Scale Skirt + Blouse

Or, try these other combinations:

With a lightweight, open weave summer sweater (I would loose the hosiery here, but that’s just me :-))

Sequin Skirt + Summer Sweater

With a white linen or cotton blazer

Sequin Skirt + White Blazer

With a denim shirt

Sequin Skirt + Denim Shirt

With a tee

Sequin Skirt + Tee

With a tee and a denim jacket

Sequin Skirt + Tee + Denim Jacket

With a cardi

Sequin Skirt + Cardigan

With a relaxed, but still very chic, easy top

Sequin/Embellished Skirt + Relaxed White Top

I hope this helps, and again, thank you for your question!



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  1. Wohoo! I am so happy with your suggestions. I will definitely try your recommendations once I finally find the perfect skirt. You knocked the ball out of the park again! 🙂

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