Reader Request: How to Style Colorful Wedge Sneakers

Reader Request: I want to rock these new wedge kicks with a cardigan or blazer, bow tie, and short pants/cuffed jeans that will show off the shoes. Can you help me with my color way? I’m looking for youthful, fun, and funky 🙂

Nike Dunk Sky Hi Sneakers

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Thank you SO much for your question!

Let’s get right into it!

In the fashion street style world, colorful sneakers are worn with every hue and print imaginable… sometimes all at the same time. A more simplistic option that I think would look so stylish is to incorporate these kind-of girly – Hello? They’re pink and purple 🙂 – kicks into a feminine take on the classic tuxedo/suit.

I suggest very fitted, skinny leg black jeans or pants with some stretch (these or these, for example), a white button front shirt, and a black blazer.

  • Fit – Pants: Because the shoes are high-tops, I think a more fitted leg opening would work better than straight, boot, or flared cuts. If you decide to go with full-length bottoms, you can either tuck them into your sneaks (tightly or in a loose scrunch) or cuff them just above the shoe tops.
  • Fit – Shirt: Again, the key is well-fitted. If you find a white shirt for a good price, I think it’s worth it to have it tailored to within an inch of its life because you can wear it with anything. Plus, if you take your blazer off, the tailored shirt + bow tie will keep the cool-girl-in-a-tuxedo vibe going.
  • Fit – Blazer: If your shirt and pants are nicely fitted, then your jacket can be fitted or relaxed, and fall at the top of your pants, mid-hip, or below the hip. It all works.
  • Color: A traditional black/white tuxedo color palette with a solid black bow tie would allow the shoes to star, or, if the kicks aren’t selfish, they can share the spotlight with a colorful and/or printed tie.
  • Fun: You could also swap plain jeans or pants for a pair with more rockstar appeal, like these.
  • Another Styling Option: Swap the button down/bow tie for a tee and the skinny jeans for cuffed, distressed boyfriend jeans.


I hope this helps, and again, thank you for the question!



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  1. Thank you J&S! #Dope

  2. I have these shoes, too!

  3. I have those rockstar zip pocket pants that you tagged in the “fun” option and when I read the opening question I immediately thought about those pants with the shoes. They’re the perfect skinny fit.

    And a gold or silver sequined bow tie…hawtness

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