10 Random Joyful Things

Pink Flowers against a Blue Sky

I adore this photograph of pink flowers against a blue sky. (Plus, I love flowering trees :-))

It’s easy to get so caught up in destructive “I’ll be happy when…” type of thinking that we neglect to notice the teeny tiny wonderful, joyful things that are already all around us RIGHT NOW. We say, “I’ll be happy when I am able to do this, buy that, go there, etc.,” but the very instant we do this, buy that, and go there, the feelings of expected glee have skipped ahead and hidden in yet another not-now-but-when-I… moment. I truly believe that delaying our happiness for some unforeseen and un-promised point in the future isn’t what life is about.

Bunnie Hilliard and Co. blog (definitely check it out!) referenced an article in Darling Magazine (the mag’s tagline is “the art of being a woman,” love that!) that suggests the following quick, easy*, enlightening exercise as a means of savoring the RIGHT NOW:

  1. Without thinking too hard or overanalyzing, quickly write down 10 things you absolutely and presently love .

*See? A one-step exercise. Can’t get much quicker or easier than that 🙂

Here’s my list – narrowed down to 10 things – in no particular order:

10 Random Joyful Things

For more inspiration on creating a beautiful life and expressing gratitude for the little things, check out the blog Inspired by Beatrice Clay 🙂

What are your 10 random joyful things? Let’s share and inspire!


  1. This is such a wonderful idea! I think I am going to post my list on my inspiration board and add to it. For now, here are the top 10 things that I presently love in no particular order.
    1. A snowy night.
    2. A great glass or two of cabernet.
    3. Wearing a dress with printed tights.
    4. Spending time with family and friends.
    5. Talking to my mom a few times throughout the day.
    6. Tulips anywhere in my space.
    7. Cooking a great meal.
    8. Dancing and singing to my favorite songs. In my head, I am doing it!
    9. A red lip. Say no more.
    10. Cupcakes. The perfectly sized dessert.

  2. Great post. My 10…
    1. Robertson’s Winery-Sweet Red
    2. Buttered pecan ice cream
    3. A hot shower after a long day at work.
    4. Spin class.
    5. Sitting on the patio at LaFonda with N on a sunny afternoon, sipping a peach margarita and laughing. (I know that’s a whole list but all together they count as 1).
    6. Hearing my kid laugh…seriously…his laugh is awesome
    7. Bob Marley’s “Trenchtown Rock”.
    8. Pharell’s “Happy”
    9. When the students that I teach “get it”. I can see the light bulb go off when they learn something new and that makes me happy.
    10. Dance parties in the basement with my kid.

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