Reader Request: How to Put Together Looks

Reader Request:

Now that it seems that the warm weather is here to stay, I guess it is time to pull together some summer looks.  I realize that I do not plan my outfits in advance and find myself wearing the same thing over and over or what I can get to quickly.  What do you recommend for planning and pulling cute looks together quickly?

How to Pull Together Looks

First of all, thank you SO much for submitting your question! Yay!

When I’m putting looks together, both for myself and for others, I like to start with one piece of clothing – any type or item – that I know I want to incorporate. (Since you mentioned that you tend to choose the same pieces over and over, I suggest that your one item be something that you either haven’t worn at all or haven’t worn in a while. Dig around in the back of the closet if you have to, lol!) Then I literally toss the item on the floor, and drop potential pairing pieces on top of it. From the vantage point of me standing, looking down on the clothes, I can tell immediately if I’m feeling a particular combination or if I just had a moment of what-was-I-thinking-itis.


How to Pull Together Looks 2

Another option is to choose one top (or sweater, blazer, jacket, etc.), and layer items under and/or over it on a hanger. That way I can see easily and clearly what works and what uhmmm doesn’t. Once I have the top part of my look together, I drape the half-outfit over pants, skirts, etc. to choose a bottom to complete the look. The majority of the work is done on the hanger, so I don’t have to waste time trying on a bunch of things that don’t like each other 🙂


How to Pull Together Looks 3Inspiration: InStyle Magazine’s “Instant Style” Looks 

My very favorite way to plan and put together outfits requires a bit of time on the front end, but saves boatloads of time on a daily basis. I use options 1 and 2 above to create several different looks, and then snap pics of each complete outfit. (I usually do this at night and usually when something good is on tv – not Scandal, though, because that show gets my full wide-eyed attention – so I don’t get bored or disgruntled.) The result is a catalogue of outfits from which to choose each day.

Of course, you could scrap all these ideas, and just call your favorite stylist or stylish friend to come do the work for you. Now that is a quick and easy way to pull together cute looks 🙂

I hope this helps, and again, thank you for the question!



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  1. Thanks for your response. I like starting something that i have not worn and building a look around it. Clearing my throat…I will be reaching out to my have stylist from J & S to pull some cute looks together. 🙂

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