Organization: Nail Polish

Organization: Nail Polish

Previously, all my nail lacquers were tossed in a plastic storage bin in a bathroom cabinet. Not only could I not easily see which shades I had, but the bottles would end up falling down on their sides, causing the polish to separate in a weird way.

Then, I got the bright idea to store them on a tray…near a window. It was definitely pretty, and I could choose my colors at a glance. I think the heat from the window caused some of the polishes to get thick and glumpy, though.

Organization: Nail Polish 2These 12-section nail polish organizers – three pictured – aren’t exactly gorgeous, but they are functional, minimalistic, and unobtrusive. Plus, I love walking into my bathroom and seeing all the pretty polishes all lined up  🙂

**Note: The compartments easily hold essential oils and OPI, Essie, Chanel, Seche Vite, etc. nail polishes. Butter London bottles, however, do not fit in this particular organizer.


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  1. You always find the best way of storing/organizing things! I def want to get one of these for my polishes to keep them nice and tidy. I’ve seen many people leave them in clear, decorative jars, but I prefer this way b/c you can always see what you have and organize them by shade. It’s also a good way to prevent buying too many. I’m moving in a few weeks, and I want to make sure I keep everything neat and organized. Any of your other container store faves/recommendations? (it could be a great post! please and thank you 😉


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