Interior Decor Book: Romantic Style

Romantic Style by Selina Lake and Sara Norrman

Romantic Style

My interior design/decor style definitely skews towards modern minimalism: open spaces with few furnishings; color in small doses; practically bare counters and tabletops. While this book was a completely out-of-character purchase for me, something about the utter super feminine prettiness all up and through the pages just makes me smile. It’s kind of like going to a really fancy restaurant and enjoying all the over-the-top-tastic-ness, but not feeling the need to dine like that every single day. Or going on a fab vacation, but still being happy to return to your own home. Know what I mean?

* For some reason, the hardcover version of this book is selling on the secondary market for quite a bit more than the price listed on the book itself, so if you see one in-store, you might want to grab it!

Excerpt: Romantic Style by Selina Lake and Sara Norrman

Inspiration: padded hangers, fresh blooms in the bathroom, pretty plates as soap dishes

Girly-Girl Details: Notebook and Floral Cup & Saucer

I was even inspired to pick up this prissy little cup and saucer and this pink/gold glam notebook 🙂


  1. I’m much not into floral-y lacey interior design (what I think of when I think “romantic”) but I adore the tea cup and notebook. Tea cups need to be dainty! ;o)

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Me either, Lisa! That’s why I was so surprised that I liked some of the feminine details in this book. I think the key – for me, at least – is to take what I like (little things, like the tea cup), and leave the rest, lol. The bed-and-breakfast look would drive me insane.

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