Hiking at Stone Mountain Park

Hiking at Stone Mountain Park

I’ve taken the Skyride to the top of Stone Mountain before; when my BFF mentioned hiking up Stone Mountain, my first thought was, “She runs half- and full marathons for fun, so…” She assured me that I could do it. Plus, someone told me there were stairs. The lies that woman told me – there are no stairs! – set me up to be shocked when I saw the actual climbing terrain. Nevertheless, it was fun, quite the workout, and I can’t wait to do it again 🙂

Hiking at Stone Mountain Park 2

Hiking at Stone Mountain Park 3

Notice “Wear proper footwear” next to the first red star. More about that later.

Hiking at Stone Mountain Park 4

Beautiful Views

Hiking at Stone Mountain Park 5

I’m always drawn to flowers flourishing in interesting, unexpected, or less-than-ideal environments.

Hiking at Stone Mountain Park 6

Hiking at Stone Mountain Park 7

New Balance 1400 Neon Running Shoes

These are my favorite workout shoes! They’re super lightweight, fit like a dream, and are perfect for all the workout-y activities I do… except hiking up Stone Mountain. I was slipping and sliding* like an ice skater! Next time, I’m going with my rusty, trusty Timbs.

* There is an area near the top of the mountain where there are rails on either side of the trail. The line to continue upward using the rails was really long, so I got the bright not bright idea to walk up the middle because (oh, hindsight!) there was no line there. It was all good at first. Shortly, though, the climb became more vertical: I couldn’t continue upward, and I started to slide backwards. I crouched down, involuntarily whispering, “Oh.” A millisecond later, a woman grabbed my hand and pulled me to the rail. Thank God for her! Rolling down a mountain can’t be good. I noticed a lot of helpfulness and comaradarie out there. (I also noticed a busload of tourists climbing the mountain in heels, but that’s neither here nor there.) On the descent, I held on to the rail! #LessonLearned. A man in front of me, said, “You can go around, if you want.” I quickly replied, “No, I’m not letting go of this rail.”

Hiking at Stone Mountain Park 8

Hiking at Stone Mountain Park 9

I’m sure this is quite the understatement.

View of the City from Stone Mountain Park

View of the City

Is that smog?

Have you hiked Stone Mountain (or at all) before? Please share your tips! 


  1. Yes!! Hiking stone mountain is the best!
    You could also get trail running shoes that have more grip on the soles. That would prevent slipping too.
    Glad you went and enjoyed it!
    Next adventure—bike the Beltline?! 🙂
    (Notice I didn’t say run lol)

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      You might not believe this considering how poor of a distance runner I am, but I’m an even worse bike rider! How about we rollerblade somewhere? Or speed walk? 🙂

  2. I spit out my food when I read “involuntarily whispered no…” lol. Beautiful pics…I have to get out there soon.

  3. I agree that sneakers with more grips on the soles work best. My kids and I do it several times a year. And I’m not one who loves exercise.

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