Quick Change: White Blazer and Gray Tank

White Blazer + Gray Tank + Black SkirtI swapped the coral shorts in this post for a flowy black mini that I admit has been one of the most challenging items in my closet to style. I’m all about the concept of a flowy mini, and I love the way they look on everyone else… It might be that I usually gravitate towards more structured skirts – like this one and this one – that the whole flowy thing throws me for a loop. No worries, though: just like the tee, I will find a way to make this skirt work, even if I have to turn the thing into a handbag 🙂

  • Fedora: Target
  • Blazer: Madewell (again with the glow-in-the-dark look in this pic)
  • Tank: Gap
  • Belt: (worn backwards) Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren
  • Skirt: A/X
  • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
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  1. I love this look on you so much! More looks with the skirt, please!

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Thank you! I’m going to have to go to the style lab on that skirt… or give it away 🙂

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