3 Ways to Rock a Concert Tee

Hendrix Tank + Distressed Denim Shorts

While my preferred aesthetic definitely travels in the “preppy” direction, I try not to define my personal style so tightly that I feel boxed into a specific look or forced to categorize things as strictly “my-style” or “not-my-style.” Similarly, I try not to think of individual items of clothing as only meant to be worn in a predetermined way. Sequins for daytime? Sweatpants and heels? Dress pants and a track jacket? Pencil skirt and fitted sweatshirt? Yes, yes, yes, and why not? Neither my closet nor my budget is large enough to allow for single-wear, one-note pieces, so everything has to be versatile in order to earn its keep 🙂

Case in point: this Old Navy Jimi Hendrix tank.


Hendrix Tank + Cutoff Shorts + Boots + Crossbody Bag

  • Distressed Shorts: thrifted (prepped up a bit in this post)
  • Bracelets: Madewell
  • Bag: Fossil
  • Slouchy Boots: Steve Madden

Hendrix Tank + Bracelets

Red, White, and Blue

White Denim Vest + Hendrix Tank + Red Pants

Prep (my fave!): 

Navy Blazer + Hendrix Tank + Khaki Mini + Loafers

  • Schoolboy Blazer and Belt: J Crew
  • Distressed Skirt: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren (styled differently here and for colder weather here)
  • Loafers: Cole Haan (worn with a monochromatic look here)

This concert tee is one of my One Hundred. Click here to see the rest!


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  1. The top look is my favorite. But I bet you knew I’d say that.

  2. Karina Howell says:

    All of the ideas are great……I love the second one!!

  3. I love the second look! Now, I am off to find a cute concert tee…

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Thank you, Shannon! I got this one at Old Navy, but wouldn’t it be nice to get one at an actual concert? LOL.

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