NaturAlmond Handcrafted Almond Butter

NaturAlmond Hancrafted Almond Butter

NaturAlmond Hand Crafted Almond Butter (widely available here and here)

Let me begin by saying that while I’m on my second jar of this almond butter, I should be on my fourth… or fifth. It’s been out of stock at my usual grocery store for far too long! I jumped up and down* when I found it at another spot 🙂

*I did clap my hands and yell, “Yay!” as well, but I did not start a party line on the jam aisle. (I really wanted to, though. I still do. I might go back and do that this weekend.)

NaturAlmond Hancrafted Almond Butter 2

I came across NaturAlmond when I was looking for a pure, all natural almond butter. Of the eight to ten different varieties on the shelf, NaturAlmond was the only one that didn’t include the “may contain other nuts, soy, etc.” disclaimer on the label. I love how the deep, savory flavor coupled with the hint of sea salt elevate my regular toast and fruit and homemade granola bars to a whole new sophisticated and yummy level. You know I’m eating some as I type this, right? The fact that the “B” key has a bit of almond butter on it is a small price to pay.

Another delicious, high-quality locally made yum! Yay 🙂

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  1. Looks delish. I’m going to look for some in my grocery store!

  2. Dody Ruosch says:

    Where can I purchase NaturAlmond Almond Butter?

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