Reader Request: Dish Towels

Reader Request: What type of dish towels do you use, and how do you keep them fresh-smelling?

Dish Towels

Thank you for your question!

A few years ago, after realizing the obscene amount of paper towels I used on a daily basis, I switched to using cloth dish towels for most general kitchen clean-ups. As much as I love the look of beautiful dish towels, my favorites are the plain white Room Essential barmops from Target. At about $4 (less if on sale) for six cloths or four towels, they’re inexpensive enough to buy in bulk and not shed any tears when one gets so gunky and stained that it needs to be tossed. The fact that they’re white cotton makes them super easy to clean – just wash on hot-hot-hot with a little bleach.

I have a drawer full of these multi-purpose wonders: I use them as potholders; underneath cooling racks to catch cookie crumbs or┬ádrips; to cover rising dough; under cutting boards, etc. to protect countertops from scratches and acidic foods…



  1. Ohhhh! Thanks for posting this. I was looking around my kitchen today for a pot holder and after resorting to using a balled up tshirt to take a dish out of the oven I knew in that moment I needed to get more dishtowels. This all purpose one is exactly what I need. Target trip PRONTO!

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