Quick Tip: Smoothie Prep

Green Smoothie

What’s not to love about smoothies? When made with quality ingredients and without tons of extra sugars, juices, and empty calories, they’re the perfect portable, quick, easy, painless, and above all yummy fruit and veggie delivery systems. Some mornings are crazy hectic though – I don’t always have time to make a fresh smoothie before jumping into the tasks of the day – so…

Quick Tip: Prep & Freeze SmoothiesI make a few days’ worth of smoothies at a time, and freeze them in individual servings. That way all I have to do is toss a bag in the fridge to defrost overnight*, pour in my travel mug, and run out the door, healthy breakfast/snack in hand.

* In honesty, I usually forget this step, so most mornings I thaw my straight-from-the-freezer smoothie in a bowl of water.

Quick Tip: Freeze Ripe Bananas

It seems like bananas go from green to overripe the moment I buy them, so I peel (important step) and freeze ripe extras.

Bonus: Frozen bananas make smoothies very silky and creamy tasting. Mmmmmm.

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