Books: Fashion Box

Books: Fashion Box

I find style inspiration all over the place: magazines; art and interior design/decor; old tv shows (Y’all already know the Cosby’s were very fashion forward, and if I could have just one pair of the perfect high waist flare jeans Thelma wore on Good Times…); Pinterest (of course); blogs (of course, of course :-)); and fashion books.

Table of Contents: Fashion Box Book

Fashion Box by Antonio Mancinelli, the latest addition to my collection of fashion/style books, illustrates the multitude of ways each of 16 classic wardrobe staples have been interpreted and reinterpreted over the years.

For example:

Books: Fashion Box 2

… Tina Turner in one of her iconic mini skirts. Another thing I love about this book is the inclusion of bits of fashion history and info throughout. I did not know that Alaia was Turner’s stylist!

Books: Fashion Box 3

One more example of how fashion is recycled and re-imagined over time: Monochromatic brights, crop pants paired with a sweater, kicky colors… this is a big part of J Crew‘s whole steez right now.

Books: Fashion Box 4

Bikini-wearing 101 (circa 1962 and 2002). Workout inspo, as well.

Where do you find style inspiration? Do share 🙂

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