Books: Ralph Lauren

Books: Ralph Lauren

Last summer, I flipped through an absolutely-falling-apart copy of Ralph Lauren at the spa at The Cloisters, and immediately, I understood why it was so well-loved: This book is so full of timeless, preppy style and interior decor inspiration! I had to order a copy of my own 🙂

Some examples of the classic goodies inside:

Books: Ralph Lauren 2

Denim on denim. And tweed! This vintage pic is another example of how, in fashion, there’s nothing new under the sun.

Sparkly  Dress + Casual Jacket

A young Naomi Campbell rocking sparkles with a casual jacket

Railroad Stripe Blazer + Necklaces

Worn-look railroad stripe blazer

Books: Ralph Lauren 3

Mixed prints; multi-textured, layered looks; menswear for men and women; pinstripes… all still very fashionably relevant.

Classic White Polo Shirt

The classic white Polo shirt

(*Note to self: Pick up a fresh white Polo shirt for the hub… and one for myself, too :-))


  1. This is one of those books that every stylish person NEEDS.

  2. Wow! The pictures are styled perfectly. It seems as though they are current photos and style.

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