Fab Finds for Entertaining Large Groups

Fab Finds for Entertaining Large Groups

I love hosting big cookouts and get-togethers* for close family and friends, and these inexpensive entertaining/buffet sets from World Market are high on my list of my must-haves for easy entertaining. The quality and durability beat plastic/paper/styrofoam plates by a landslide; clean-up is one-step (pop them in the dishwasher); and the cost-per-use is practically zero over time.

Entertaining Large Groups: Glassware

Wine Glasses and Champagne Glasses

Entertaining Large Groups: Buffet Plates

Buffet Plates 

*Just a couple weeks ago, my three college besties and their families were in town for our annual get-together (shout out to the Fab Four!), and we made breakfast and dinner for everyone, 16 people in total. These plates definitely came in handy 🙂

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