Stainless Steel and Zebrawood Cuff

Tivi Stainless Steel and Zebrawood Cuff Bracelet

Honestly, I don’t have (or wear) a lot of jewelry, but the pieces I do have (and wear) are special to me. This Tivi* stainless steel cuff inlayed with zebrawood, for example, was a gift from the hub years ago, and it always reminds of when we were newlyweds living in a loft and heavily into the industrial/urban vibe.

Tivi Stainless Steel and Zebrawood Cuff Bracelet 2

Of course, I still love living in the city (a city by a beach would be a dream home base), but I don’t miss that loft at all. It was there that I learned the term “extreme sound transference” and got to know my neighbors way, WAY too well from being able to hear their each and every move through the so-called walls separating our units.

Tivi Stainless Steel and Zebrawood Cuff Bracelet 3

*Tivi is no longer in the jewelry making business. It’s such a shame because the company created some of the most beautiful, unique combinations of stainless steel and exotic woods. There was also an absolutely gorgeous wood and leather clutch I would’ve loved to have gotten my hands on…

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