In a Beach-y State of Mind

Ray-Ban Blue Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

Blue Mirrored Aviators by Ray-Ban 

Let me set the scene.

The beach is my happy place. Looking at the horizon, smelling the salty air, and hearing the waves crash on shore instantly relax me and bring clarity and proper perspective to any issues on my mind. Ordinarily, I would have been to some beach or other at least once by this point in the season, and the fact that there’s no sea trip on the schedule to which to look forward has got me extra a bit grouchy.

And now back to your regularly scheduled post, already in progress.

… So, when I wandered into Sunglass Hut on a lark the other day and walked out 10 minutes later with the completely-100%-impulse purchase pictured above, my only reason was and still is this: “I feel like I’m at the beach the second I put them on.” As I was leaving the store, the kind salesman said, so genuinely I just had to smile, “I really hope you get to the beach soon. You deserve it!”


Below are a few more things that help me feel beach-y even with no actual beach in sight. (Don’t be surprised if they pop up on the blog – repeatedly – this summer :-))

Palm Tree Print Graphic Tees

Palm Tree Print Tees and Sailboat Print Button Down (pictured here)

Nautical Soaps and Bath Teas

Nautical Soaps and Bath Teas (a surprise gift… I have the BESTest, most thoughtful friends :-))

Straw Purse and Anchor Clutch

Straw Purse and Anchor Clutch (a surprise birthday gift last year…see “bestEST” comment above :-))

Anchor Appetizer Plate

Anchor Appetizer Plate and Nautical Tea Mug (pictured here)

Nautical Belts

Nautical Belts 

Navy and Gold Anchor Print Notebooks

Anchor Print Notebooks (found at HomeGoods)

Beach Tote

Beach Tote

What sort of things help you feel beach-y even when you’re landlocked? Do share, and help a sistah out 🙂

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