Three Things: Notebooks and Journals

Moleskine Notebooks

Piggybacking off the Three Things: Pens and Pencils post, here are three of my current fave notebooks and journals.

Moleskine Notebooks 2

Moleskin Notebooks (also available at Barnes & Noble and Target)

Orla Kiely Notebook

Orla Kiely Notebook 

I always check the journal/notebook section at TJMaxx whenever I’m in the store, and I was thrilled to find this notebook (and the matching address book :-)) by Orla Kiely, who designs these really cool retromodern prints.

"Rethink" Spiral Notebook

“Rethink” Spiral Notebook by Ecojot (available at Barnes & Noble)




  1. I was lusting over notebooks in B&N last weekend and broke down and got one! Journaling = free therapy! 🙂

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      B&N has some of the most drool-worthy journals! I’ve gotten some nice ones (at nice prices, too) from TJMaxx and HomeGoods, but it’s hit or miss. B&N is a sure shot. Free therapy, ha ha 🙂

  2. Notebooks! Love, love, love them so much!! I have one with pockets on the front that I use when I grocery shop. The pockets hold my coupons!

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      That’s so smart! I have an index card case for my coupons, but it’s too bulky, and I usually forget I even have certain coupons. Keeping them in a notebook pocket seems so much more accessible. Thanks for the tip!

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