Links & Pretty, Happy Things (5/31)

Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers at Zoo Atlanta

  • Perfectly preppy seersucker cloth napkins: DIY and ready made
  • The exaggerated denim cuff? This is coming from the same girl who didn’t think she’d ever wear a tied button down and who used to lobby to get crop pants removed from stores everywhere. Still, I can say with at least some certainty that I really don’t plan to jump on this bandwagon any time soon. Never say “never” though.
  • Motivational post regarding bringing desires into existence – in small ways – right NOW
  • Swimsuit suggestion for glamour girls and my friends who are obsessed with Beyonce’s “No Angel” vid (fur coat and pit bull not included)
  • My favorite flat ironing heat protectant of all time: extremely lightweight, a little goes a loooong way, and doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it greasy looking/feeling.
  • Update on transparency in genetically modified organism/food (GMO) labeling at Whole Foods Market. I recently saw a sign at my local store informing customers that the fresh corn was non-GMO. Three cheers for not only knowing what’s in our food, but for knowing what out food actually IS!
  • How cute (and lemony) is this tote?! Love it!
  • This post sparked an interest in the works of Gordon Parks. Currently searching for a book of his photography.
  • I’ve spotted this dinnerware on old episodes of Sex and the City (in Charlotte’s apartment, of course) and Gossip Girl (in the van der Woodsen’s apartment, of course), as well as in the Georgian Room at The Cloisters.
  • DIY ribbon drink stirrers tutorial


  1. I am happy to see that J & S is back! I am even happier that you posted the link to the swimsuit. Skipping off to Macy’s… 🙂

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Thank you! I saw the swimsuit in person, and it is so glam! I could just see it styled with big sunglasses and a wide brim sunhat! It looks like a suit to be worn while lounging in a poolside cabana being fanned and fed chilled grapes 🙂

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