Denim Squared

Denim Jacket + Jeans

Denim Jacket + Jeans 2

I am such a jeans girl! Distressed, skinny*, wide leg, colors, white, dressed up, dressed down… there is no end to their wearability and awesomeness.

*When skinny jeans first came out eons ago, I was all green-eggs-and-ham-super-adamant that I could not, would not wear them. I mean, my boot cuts were feeling just fine and skinnies made me look like an exclamation point. Fast forward to the present, and now the majority of my jeans are some type of skinny fit and I’ve come to terms with my !-ness.

Denim Jacket + Jeans 3

I posted about this denim jacket before, and I cannot get over how versatile it is! Just look at how comfortably it can be worn buttoned up and as a top! (Sleeves rolled, no less.) I should have done a cartwheel in it, or at least some posted some pictures of me skipping to show how gleeful this jacket makes me. Maybe next time 🙂

Denim Jacket + Jeans 4


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  1. I am on the floor. An “!”? Too funny!

  2. I see a little curve going on there. Cute looks.

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