THE Denim Jacket

The Perfect Fitted Denim Jacket


Post pause: My friends IRL know that when I start a sentence with either “Yo” or “Y’all” I’m about to say something serious. Like a couple of months ago when Similac randomly mailed me cans of formula and a note – addressed to me by my FULL name – that read, “Congratulations on your newborn.” Uhmmm, Similac? No. Check your sources. Get more people. Something. Anyway, the text to my friends about that little situation definitely started with “Yo.” *Pressing play…

The Perfect Fitted Denim Jacket 2

This denim jacket is SOOOOO good for SOOOOO many reasons! First off, it’s Levi’s. ‘Nuff said on that one. Secondly, it’s a great price. I scored mine here* a couple weeks ago on sale for $20! I think it went back up to $40 or to the $58 regular price, but even that isn’t awful for a well-fitting, classic denim jacket… especially when compared to this one and this one.

*At post time, this particular jacket isn’t on the Macy’s website for some reason. Hopefully it’s just temporarily out of stock online; I think it’s also sold in store. It’s a juniors item, but I didn’t let the little fact that I’m way (way) out of their target demographic scare me off from ordering it 🙂

The Perfect Fitted Denim Jacket 3

To me, the biggest and best thing about this jacket is that it’s composed of a good percentage of stretchy material, so it fits like a glove without being or feeling tight. I can wear it open or buttoned all the way up, and it feels comfy either way. Can you tell that I’m seriously excited about this jacket? And that I’m going to wear the sleeves off it? Yay!




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