Little Luxuries: Aveda Hand Relief

To me, Little Luxuries are those small things that don’t cost a fortune – or anything! – but that never fail to bring a bit more shiny, happy Joy and Sunshine to my day 🙂

Aveda Hand Relief Hand Lotion

Man, I used to be an Aveda junkie back in the day! Sap moss shampoo and conditioner, Elixir leave-in conditioner, Curessence protein treatment and spray detangler: those were my absolute hair care staples… until they were all discontinued. I’ve since found other products (less expensive, too!) that my hair loves even more, but I still think Aveda Hand Relief hand lotion is the best out there. It’s thick, more of a cream than a lotion, extremely moisturizing, and fast absorbing, so I don’t have to worry about leaving little greasy fingerprints everywhere after I apply it. Plus, I’m in love with the subtle scent.

What I’m not in love with is the price, so when Natural Body Spa had their customer appreciation sale, my gift card (thanks Hub!) and I went for it. The salesperson gave me a you-did-good nod, and said, “This stuff never goes on sale!” Oh, I know 🙂

I would love to know: Do you have a favorite hand lotion? What are some of your Little Luxuries?

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  1. My favorite little luxury…lavender cucumber body scrub from Iwi Fresh Garden Spa in Castleberry Hills. OMG! The scent is the absolute best!

  2. One of my favorite little luxury is Lush’s Each Peach “massage bar.” It is a great moisturizer right out of the shower. I love the soaps and bath bombs too!

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