2 Ways to Wear Rust Colored Jeans

Rust Jeans + Tie-Neck Top + Cardi

I picked up these rust colored semi-skinny jeans a while ago, and I’ve been wearing them to pieces.

Side Note: I noticed that the price of these jeans – and not just these jeans…lots of items – fluctuates considerably on the Macy’s website. I got them last year for around $30, but since then, I’ve seen them cost anywhere from $35 to $80 (regular price) online. Just FYI 🙂

Rust Jeans + Tie-Neck Top + Cardi 2

  • Cropped Cardigan: J Crew
  • Tie-Neck Top: Club Monaco (click HERE to see 6 ways to tie a tie-neck top)
  • Jeans: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren
  • Belt: Madewell

Rust Jeans + Wide Stripe Top + Boyfriend Cardi

Rust Jeans + Wide Stripe Top + Boyfriend Cardi 2

I look really vein-y in my pics, but I noticed that absolutely NO one pictured in magazines ever looks vein-y. Is that a Photoshop fix, or am I more vein-y than most? Something to think about…well, not really.

Rust Jeans + Wide Stripe Top + Boyfriend Cardi 3

  • Boyfriend Cardi: Ralph Lauren via Style Exchange (Hickory, NC)
  • Wide Stripe Top: J Crew (see it in pink/burgundy here)
  • Hat: Hat? What hat? There’s no hat… but if there were a hat, it would be by Lacoste.

Madewell Sandals

  • Shoes: Madewell (These have a different name than the ones pictured, but they seem to be identical.)

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  1. Looooving that tie neck blouse. I love your style.

  2. I love the look! I noticed that Madewell brought those shoes back with a different name. They are the same!!

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Thanks, Shannon! It’s a trip how stores “reintroduce” things. I’m just glad I nabbed my “old” ones at a great price.

  3. You always put out the best options! Love it all! The tie neck top makes the jeans so sophisticated and the green top with baseball cap is very cool. Just love your style and those shoes:)

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Thank you! A girl’s got to have options, and I’m far from being one of those people who only wear something once. My clothes have to earn their closet space, lol.

  4. I LOVE that first look. I would wear that in a minute! Super Cute!!

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