Little Luxuries: Plaid Sunglass Case

To me, Little Luxuries are those small things that don’t cost a fortune – or anything! – but that never fail to bring a bit more shiny, happy Joy and Sunshine to my day 🙂

Madewell Plaid Sunglass Case

I don’t have a ton of sunglasses, but the few classic ones I do have were strewn all over the floor passenger seat of my car. Clearly, an intervention was in order.

Madewell Plaid Sunglass Case 2

These preppy, plaid, Americana-colored hard sunglass cases protect my sunnies; withstand being tossed about in my car, beach bag, or wherever they happen to land; and are just sooooo cute!

Madewell Plaid Sunglass Case 3

The plaid cases pictured above are sold out online, but two other patterns – red gingham and blue ticking stripe – are just as great and are in stock (and on sale!) at the time of this writing 🙂


  1. Ha! My heart broke when I sat on a pair recently. I seldom ever have a case because they are too big, but these from Madewell are the perfect size. Love the touch of prep. Ain’t nothin wrong with a little plaid! 🙂


    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Oh no! That’s the worst! I hope your sunglasses were salvageable after the “sitting” incident 🙂 The cases pictured are pretty big, but I like the fact that they have hard sides to protect my glasses. Also, I agree: ain’t nothin wrong with a little plaid!

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