Books: The Swan Thieves

Books: The Swan Thieves by Kostova

The novels* I enjoy the most are those that are beautifully and lyrically written; have elements of both mystery and romance (i.e. a love story); and incorporate a detailed sense of place and/or some sort of travel. The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova wonderfully checks all these boxes 🙂

Described as “a haunting novel of art and obsession; a mystery spanning continents and centuries; a love story that crosses the ultimate border**,” The Swan Thieves details the unconventional journey embarked upon by psychiatrist/amateur painter Andrew Marlow in an attempt to help his patient, acclaimed artist Robert Oliver. This is one of those works of fiction I really savored; I even have a couple passages saved in my phone for when I need a sigh-and-think-“that’s-so-beautiful” moment. Bonus: Both France and love letters from from centuries ago are also involved.


*Among my very favorites are The Memory of Love, Cutting for Stone, Island Beneath the Sea, and House of Spirits.

**Dust jacket summary


What are some of your favorite books – do share, so I can add them to my list! – and what books are you reading now?

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