Little Luxuries: Lavender Soap

 To me, Little Luxuries are those small things that don’t cost a fortune – or anything! – but that never fail to bring a bit more shiny, happy Joy and Sunshine to my day 🙂

Natural lavender fragranced soap is my go-to little luxury after a long day. Here are my two fave calming and moisturizing options:

Lavender Soap

Triple French Milled Lavender Soap (available only at Whole Foods Market)

Bonus: This bar is HUGE and really lasts a long time.

Lavender Soap 2Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Soap (widely available online and in-store, including Target and Kroger)

QUICK TIP: Place extra scented soaps in dresser drawers to add a subtle fragrance to lingerie, pajamas, etc. Click here for more 🙂


  1. Hi!

    I truly enjoy reading your posts. I remembered that you posted this some time ago and wanted to get your feedback. I started trying different soaps, but I find that the scents do not last long after my shower. Have you had a different experience with the ones that you tried?

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Thank you SO much, Shannon! These soaps only provide aromatherapeutic fragrance in the shower/bath. To add a more lasting lavender scent, try adding pure essential oils to your after-bath oils and lotions. See this post for more specifics 🙂

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