Stripes and Plaid

Stripes and Plaid

Stripes and Plaid 2

Two cray things are going on here:

  1. The wind is blowing like nobody’s business, and
  2. I’m wearing hubby’s glasses. His actual prescription OMG-can-he-see-at-all glasses.

Backstory: I accidentally left my Ray-Bans in the car and really didn’t feel like walking the 10 steps back to get them. Hub volunteered to grab my sunnies, but – full of bright ideas –  I said, “Babe, your glasses are cool; can I borrow them for a minute to take pictures?” He said, “You’re going to get a headache.” Of course, I’m all *shoulder shrug* and after we determine that he can see kind of well enough to snap some pics in my general direction, I gleefully put on his glasses. (They really are cool, and they look so cute on him :-))

I had them on for 1/16 of a nanosecond before I had to close my eyes.

Stripes and Plaid 3

Then the headache set in. What can I say? He was right. That happens a lot…

Stripes and Plaid 4

  • Jacket: Anthropologie (worn with gingham and camel cable knit here)
  • Denim Vest: Old Navy (styled differently in this post, this one, this one, and this one)
  • Striped Tee, Turtleneck Sweater (paired with a glen plaid blazer and vintage bag here), Jeans, and Crossbody Bag: J Crew
  • Boots: Ecco (worn with a skirt here)
  • Hub’s Eyeglasses: Warby Parker (I thought about ordering some with non-prescription lenses, but I don’t want to cheat on my Ray-Bans. They’re so jealous!)


  1. I LOVE Warby Parker glasses. I’ve picked out a frame already. Guess I should order them.

    And uhmmm…I’ll take that jacket too. K.Thanks.Bye. 🙂

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Added to the list 😉 Warby Parker is awesome: Hub picked out a few frames to try, they mailed them, and he mailed back the ones that didn’t work.

      • I’ve done the home try on twice…indecisive. LOL. The 2nd set I received I found the frames I fell in love with. Now I just need to order them. They make really nice frames too!

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