Camo and Stripes

Camo and Stripes

  • Jacket: Ralph Lauren via Labels (I had it tailored to be more fitted.)
  • Sweater: J Crew (also worn here)
  • Camouflage pants: Zara (styled more casually in this post)

Camo and Stripes 2

  • Belt: J Crew

Camo and Stripes 3

 See another way to rock camo + stripes on the Joy and Sunshine Facebook page!  

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  1. I never would’ve thought to pair my camo with stripes, but I LOVE the look of them together. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Thank you, Jennae! I think camo would also look good with wider stripes. Going to have to try that…

  2. Camo goes with EVERYTHING! Love the look.

  3. I’m always a sucker for edgy and preppy together, but I love how your stripes are different than the norm. The pinstripe is unexpected and I love it with the cable sweater. So unique. Love this!

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